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Passionate about print

At The Shine Studio, we are passionate about print and paper and colour… and we have masses of experience in working with these elements to produce beautiful and striking print for our clients. Here are some examples of recent work.

Graphite Creative 2018 Calendar

Graphite creative PG Live

Graphite creative Easter 2018

Gould Paper - New Look

Graphite Creative - Mat in the Hat

New Folder for Mirror Finish

Graphite Creative Easter Marketing 2017

Hult Research

Gould Paper - Polar Ultra white Advent Calendar

Graphite Creative 2017 Calendar

Graphite Creative 2016 Calendar

Graphite Creative Horoscope


Bonners and Babingtons


Sussex Forest School

Graphite Creative 2016 Calendar

Small is Beautiful

No Dies

Bucks Forest School

Graphite Creative Easter Campaign


Small is Beautiful

Bonners & Bonnington

Graphite Creative

Creative Graphite