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I recently got back from Barcelona. Wowser, what a place!! It's got the lot - in spades! There were many highlights from our short stay - Gaudi's Casa Battlo and the stunning Sagrada Familia, the cable car, the famous food market... and many more places that I'd like a chance to experience on future visits.


In a city that clearly celebrates creativity in all forms, but seemingly particularly 3D art forms, it was an unexpected pleasure to stumble across a mosaic workshop in the old Born district, as were en route to the Picasso Museum. As a result of this happy chance encounter, my oldest son and I stayed and did an impromptu three-hour workshop with the owner and mosaic artist, Petra Frei.  

The Trozo x Trozo workshop is a lovely, large room with shelves at the back filled with old plastic bottles cut down to form pots, filled with different coloured glass vitreous tiles, stone and ceramic pieces, it was like being in a mosaic sweetie shop,

After quickly sketching out what we wanted to work on, Petra showed us how to use the tools to cut the tesserae (mosaic tiles), which was new to me.

Although I didn't know it, we were practising the Direct Method in the art of mosaics, which is where you apply the tiles on to a surface. We had a splodge of PVA on a piece of cardboard to stick our cut pieces to the board, and our mini mosaics took shape. It was masses of fun, and those three hours passed all too quickly.

My mosaic morning in Barcelona gave me a hankering for more so I've searched for something a bit closer to home to do some more ( which I found at City Lit in London) - although I'm pretty sure this won't be my last visit to the studio in beautiful Barcelona!The mosaic workshop is called Trozo x Trozo and their website can be found at

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