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So here we are at the start of another new year! I love the beginning of the year, for the relief of leaving behind the shortest day and moving, albeit slowly, into lighter, longer days with the promise of warmth and sun in the months ahead!

And for The Shine Studio, this time of year sees the launch of new calendars for 2016 that the team have designed for clients, including one of the projects that has been a long and time-consuming challenge, but such a fun one too - our 'totem pole' calendar.

We designed this calendar for one of our printer clients, who specialise in a wide range of print finishes, in addition to the standard litho print offered by many.

The twelve months of this calendar present different finishes, including some of the most familiar as well as some of the more unusual ones. When we received the first copies of the finished article back, we were so pleased to see our work translated into a stunning showcase for this printer's excellence and craftsmanship. I really hope that their target audience (primarily designers in the greetings card and stationery industry) will enjoy and appreciate the work that makes this, in my opinion, a stand-out piece of print.

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