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January 2015 - A New Calendar for a New Year


At this time of the year the first calendars start to hit the mat and if we’re lucky, we might be the recipient of a good one that we’ll want to keep on the desk for the year! We’ve been designing calendars for the last two years for a couple of different clients now and they’ve found them to be a highly effective showcase for their services. After all how many pieces of marketing have a 12-month shelf life?



Of course there are lots of companies who will ‘brand’ an ‘off-the-peg’ collection of passable pics with a logo to produce a hassle-free version... but we were being commissioned to design a bespoke product that spoke of our client’s offer in a really crafted way. The challenge for us was to make every month in the calendar count and ensure that each page was a winner. The clients were also clear that as well as being a thing of beauty, the calendar had to work as a practical tool, ie have places to write appointments and notes.



After our first calendar for 2014, the overall feedback for our clients was overwhelmingly positive, with their target audience (of designers primarily) expressing their appreciation of the calendar and in real commercial terms, seeing prospects converted into new business over the year. So it looks as if their investment has really paid off - which makes for a happy design agency and a happy client. Two more calendars designed by The Shine Studio will be in circulation at the beginning of the new year, so looks like time to start thinking about the 2016 versions!!


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