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Christmas cards are an annual printmaking activity for me. In previous years I've done monoprints, blind embossing and this year a reduction lino cut featuring a partridge and a pear. I've never featured my work in a blog but I was inspired by a friend's talk of Christmas crafting, so I thought this year I'd share!

I started with a sketch of the idea which I then transferred on to a lino block. I cut the first section into the lino, and printed the pale green colour. More cutting, followed by the olive tone. A friend of mine in the printmaking studio I use, had just purchased some gold relief ink, which I had a little borrow of, so as well as the prints in shades of olive green, I had some in a very festive, gorgeous gold.

At the very last stage, after the prints were completely dry, I applied some flitter by hand to make them more sparkly!

Hope you enjoy the pics... Happy Christmas to one and all from The Shine Studio!

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