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Spring is in the air and Easter is upon us, with more fluffy chicks, bunnies and chocolate than you could shake a stick at!

We've just completed an Easter marketing campaign for our client Graphite Creative. It involved us designing (and them printing) a fab new neon and liquid foil wrap to highlight these techniques as a change from normal litho print.

We then used the wrap to encase boxes filled with chocolate bunnies, using beautiful ribbon to attach egg-shaped tags wishing the recipients a'Happy Easter'. These were duly dispatched and the end result has been some very happy customers who have really appreciated this seasonal, edible gift from their lovely printer!

This is actually the second year that we've done this campaign for this client - with different designs of course! - as they've found that sending out a little parcel at Easter, as opposed to Christmas, has really worked for them. By avoiding the mass present exchange at Christmas when perhaps a company's offering could get lost, the timing of this Easter campaign has been very effective. Several of our client's customers tweeted about their gift and put up pictures on their Facebook pages, which have added further value. We also uploaded pics on to out Instagram feed and immediately got likes!

We're delighted that this marketing strategy has clearly paid off for our client. If you'd like to talk to us about your marketing needs, don't hesitate to contact us. Happy Easter everyone!

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